A Look Into Adidas’ Jon Wexler and Kanye West’s Relationship

Jon Wexler is one of the sneaker industry’s most powerful and respected names. And this week, reports have surfaced stating Adidas’ current VP of global entertainment and influencer marketing would be taking a new role with the Yeezy business unit.

According to reports, Wexler has assumed the GM role at Yeezy.

Although several reports have surfaced, Adidas would not confirm Wexler’s alleged new role, stating “it’s company policy that we don’t comment on personnel matters” in an email to FN today. And the executive’s LinkedIn profile still states he holds his most recent role with Adidas.

Wexler, however, is giving people plenty of reason to talk on social media, sharing throwback images and video with the rapper turned designer, including his moment onstage next to West at the FNAAs in 2015 when the Adidas Yeezy Boost received the Shoe of the Year award. It was a year when the Three Stripes and West delivered two silhouettes featuring Boost: the 750 and the 350. And yesterday, the executive shared an image of four Yeezys, leading with the 750 and ending with the new 380 style.

While onstage, West said Wexler “basically saved my life.”

“So I’m in my baby momma’s momma’s pool house, and I’m talking to Jon and I’m just like, yo, as a creator, it doesn’t matter how big your house is, how big your name is, your job is to create while you’re here and if anyone is in the way of that, if anything gets in the way of that, you got to burn it to the fucking ground,” West said.

He continued, “So I said to Jon, it’s important. You have to save my life. I’m not creating, and it’s affecting my music. It’s affecting our relationship. It’s affecting everything because I’m waking up in cold sweats every night. I want to fucking draw shoes, and it doesn’t matter if someone thinks that I’m supposed to be doing something that’s more important.”

The rapper also made note of Wexler’s love and knowledge of hip-hop in his FNAA speech.

“This guy understood culture from Chicago, J Dilla, listened to all the albums,” West said. “If you guys want somebody to work with your company, find someone who knows about the person they’re talking to, a guy who’s got some real backstory.”

In November 2019, Wexler spoke with FN at the live Souler Stories podcast in New York and shared some of his favorite sneakers of the time, which, of course, included Yeezys.

“Right now, they are the [Yeezy Boost 700] Wave Runners. They’re my favorite Yeezy to date and they’re super easy to wear; they go with everything,” Wexler told FN. “And I’ve been wearing a lot of the Pharrell Hu product and Yung-1s. Those are the three in my main rotation right now. And then the Futurecraft stuff is creeping in as well. They’re all light and easy to wear.”

Wexler has been with Adidas since October 2000, according to his LinkedIn profile, holding several roles. His first was category manager, a title he would hold for more than four years before leaving for Converse. He would return to Adidas in December 2006 as a brand manager.

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