I Tried It: This Foot Spray Kept My Feet From Hurting & It Was a Life-Saver With Heels

If you’re anything like me, you love heels but hate wearing them. This is a big problem. I wake up wanting to wear heels with a sweet skinny sky-high stiletto, and then my sneakers just speak to me. Obviously, flats are more comfortable just by nature, but like they say, “pain is beauty,” so I will opt for high heels. (Would love to know who came up with this “pain is beauty” business, by the way.)

And without fail, every single time, my feet end up in pain. Have you ever lost feeling in your toes? Ladies, I know some of you have.

So after some googling on how to prevent pain in heels, I came across one product that I had remembered Viola Davis referred to when she was on the 2017 SAG Awards red carpet. She said she used some spray that made her feet not hurt. Turns out, Selena Gomez is a fan of the product, and Margot Robbie used the same stuff for her turn at the Oscars this year.

“Well, sign me up,” I said. While I had my doubts, this spray pretty much worked. I would go as far to say it’s a game-changer.

Called Still Standing, the paraben-free spray is super-easy to use. You just spray your entire feet — tops, sides and bottoms.

I used it when wearing a classic pump as well as a heeled sock bootie for a night out in New York. (There’s also a unisex spray for men and women to use with any type of footwear.)

A few minutes into using the product and wearing my high heels, I felt a refreshing cooling sensation on my feet due to the menthol ingredient, which continues hours into its use. Organic eco-distilled arnica, aloe and ilex are included ingredients, which are herbal anti-inflammatory and pain reliever remedies, along with vitamin E and tea tree oil.

A couple of important things to note:

  1. Your feet are not numb despite the cooling sensation.
  2. It’s not greasy, and your feet dry in less than a minute; you can also use on your bare feet and stockings (I tried both and they worked).
  3. It actually does relieve discomfort and swelling since your feet keep calm and cool for at least four hours. You can reapply as needed.

So here’s a gift from me to you. I’d say it’s worth it.

still standing spray

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