The 5 Sneakers Every Man in His 30s Should Own

If you’re in your 30s now, chances are, you’ve spent more time in sneakers throughout your life than any other style of footwear. But as you get older, the looks you wear should mature. Here are five sneakers you should own if you’re a man in your 30s.

A Good Cross-Trainer

Staying in shape in your 30s isn’t as easy as during your 20s or teenage years. So make sure you get yourself a solid cross-training sneaker capable of grinding out repeated hour-plus workouts a week — and actually use them. The UA Charged Legend from Under Armour may be a good selection for you.

Under Armour UA Charged Legend
CREDIT: Under Armour

A White Casual Look

Something low-cut executed in an all-white color palette is a must. They can be worn almost everywhere, have a clean aesthetic and are universally loved. For this, you can’t go wrong with an Adidas Originals Stan Smith.

Adidas Originals Stan Smith
Adidas Originals Stan Smith
CREDIT: Zappos

A Lifestyle Runner

A casual running silhouette will be the most versatile pair of sneakers in your collection. They look clean, so you’re good in classy or casual-dressed situations, and they’re comfortable, so your feet won’t hurt after hours of walking. New Balance has a great example of this in its 247 model.

New Balance 247 Sport
CREDIT: New Balance

A Performance Running Style

Aside from a cross-trainer, you need to get some cardio in here and there (regardless of how awful running is), and a good running sneaker is required. The kicks will also come in handy when you walk to your local deli or coffee shop on a Sunday morning and need something to slip on quick to get there. Nike has a great new silhouette for this with its Free RN Flyknit 2018.

Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018

An Outdoor-Ready Model

Get off your couch and get outside. Appreciate nature as often as you can. But don’t do it without proper sneakers. A trail runner is ideal for your basic outdoor adventures, regardless if you’re running or going for a leisurely stroll, and the All Out Crush 2 from Merrell is a great option.

Merrell All Out Crush 2
CREDIT: Merrell

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