Karlie Kloss Skates Around Snowy NYC Wearing Giant Black Fuzzy Slippers

It’s 2018 and snow is here, at least in New York. Once she saw the white blanket across the city, Karlie Kloss couldn’t resist taking some time to play in it. The supermodel took to Instagram to post a video of herself skating around in some giant black fuzzy slippers.

Yup, you read that right. Kloss used the balance and coordination she developed throughout her modeling career to deliver a show-stopping post you’ll want to watch over and over again.

The star, who managed to look chic in an all-black look, glided across a mat. She wore a black beanie, hoodie, and leggings, but of course, the best part were her huge slippers. The slo-mo effect was also a nice touch to the 15-second clip.

For those wanting to spend their snow day doing this Kloss-approved move, Steve Madden has an affordable pair of faux-fur platform sandals slippers similar to the model’s priced at only $39.95 available online.

Whether you wear these shoes inside or out, your feet are guaranteed to stay chic and warm, and what could be better than that at this season? Get a closer look at the footwear below and add them to your cart ASAP before they sell out. It looks like it’s still flurrying in Kloss’ video, so we wonder if she’ll do another video if the snow decides to stick around.

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