Here’s the New Surf Shop People Will Be Flocking to This Summer for Sandals, Haircuts & Art

Let the summer countdown begin, and kicking things off was the grand opening of Boardriders Malibu’s new store. The celebration took place on May 1 on the retailer’s rooftop with its picturesque beach views.

This concept store is the first of its kind in the U.S., featuring apparel, shoes, swimwear and accessories from popular brands such as Roxy, Quiksilver and DC. One unique beachside sandal that can’t be missed from the store’s selection is the following three-strap blush-colored shoe. It’s trendy no-fuss footwear that’s a step up from the standard flip-flop, and it’s priced at only $46 — nothing beats that.

Beyond the wide selection of items sold at the shop, it’s reportedly inspired by former CEO Pierre Agnes’ original Boardriders shop in France — which means there’s more than meets the eye. The layout includes a barber shop, café, lounge area and art gallery.

It encompasses 4,200 square feet, making it the ultimate surfer oasis, as there’s plenty of room for people to hang out and relax in between waves. “We will host weekly concerts, constantly renew our art gallery and involve both our riders and the community to make this place feel truly alive,” store manager Chad Marshall said in a statement. “Malibu is one of the few places where world-class surfing meets a global creative community. We want that to shine through both our events and the atmosphere we create every day at Boardriders Malibu.”

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