5 Best Products to Help Treat and Prevent Painful Blisters on Your Feet

We’ve all been there: Buying that coveted pair of shoes, only to find they mercilessly dig and rub during the first few wears. Before you decide to ditch them for good (or resign yourself to hobbling around for the next few months), we’ve rounded up the best products to prevent blisters and treat them when they do pop up. Whether you’re breaking in some new flats, boots or sneakers, these handy little helpers will ensure you feel just as good as you look.

Compeed Blister Small Plasters

Unlike most adhesive bandages, these sticker cushions are designed to stay put for days. Not only do they prevent rubbing for instant pain relief but also feature a breathable material that speeds up healing by locking in natural moisture and keeping out bacteria.

Compeed Blister Small Plasters
Compeed blister small plasters.

Dr. Scholl’s BlisterDefense Anti-Friction Stick

Friction from shoes that rub is one of the main causes of blisters. Designed with athletes in mind, this Dr. Scholl’s balm stops the process in its tracks, even during your most rigorous workouts. Simply apply it at contact points, and your sore-free feet will thank you later.

Dr Scholl's Active Series BlisterDefense Anti-Friction Stick
Dr. Scholl’s Active Series BlisterDefense anti-friction stick.

PreHeels Blister Prevention Spray

An even more inconspicuous option, this heel spray prevents friction by creating an invisible barrier of polymers on the skin. It won’t wear away while you’re jetting around town but can easily be washed off at the end of the day with a little soap and water.

PreHeels Blister Prevention Spray
PreHeels blister prevention spray.

Hotop Heel Pads

Whether you feel a blister coming or are already suffering from the effects of one, these heel inserts have got you covered (literally). When placed at the back of the shoe, they’ll prevent your foot from sliding and rubbing, and will also relieve pressure between a blister and your shoe for necessary comfort.

Hotop Heel Pads
Hotop heel pads.

Johnson’s Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder
Johnson’s baby powder.
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Sweaty feet are another main culprit of blisters — but can easily be cured with this common drugstore product. A few sprinkles of Johnson’s classic formula will quickly absorb moisture while leaving your skin baby-smooth.

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