You Can Now Order a Pair of Custom-Fit Flip-Flops Through Your Mobile Phone

As consumer interest in comfort footwear continues to grow, brands are responding with styles offering a customized fit. However, it no longer takes several visits to a cobbler to be measured for pricey shoes that can take months to produce. Today, tech-savvy companies such as Wiivv, are delivering customized shoes to your door via a cell phone app.

The technology company, which launched with a collection of 3D printed custom-fit insoles, has now introduced its first sandal collection. According to company co-founder and CEO Shamil Hargovan, his goal was to deliver a better fitting flip-flop, one of the most popular sandal silhouettes around.

The sandals are made using foot measurements taken from the Wiivv phone app. Using just four photos taken with a phone, each foot is digitally mapped using more than 200 points to understand arch contours, foot length, wide and volume, and toe spacing. Wiivv then 3D prints a custom arch for each foot using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, places the toe thong to fit ideally between the toes, and adjusts each strap to match the mapped points of the foot.

The sandals also incorporate a deeply cushioned, contoured heel cup and triple-density foam, which help stabilize the foot, absorb shock, and promote an aligned heel strike. They also feature adjustable straps, and can be interchanged with different colors.

The sandals are available on Wiivv.com and retail for $129. The Wiivv app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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