These Affordable Bionic-Inspired Sandals Balance Elegance and Comfort

Popular Brazilian footwear brand Ipanema is back with a new collection created by designer Philippe Starck. This is the third installment of the company’s collaboration with the fashion industry star, and the 2018 line officially launched on Wednesday.

The worldwide collection offers a fresh perspective on the brand’s minimalist designs by incorporating new ergonomics that provide the ultimate balance between high elegance and comfort. Starck was inspired to create his collection with a bionic approach based on learning how the body moves, resulting in footwear that’s harmonious with human physiology.

Through his studies, the designer was able to accomplish quality technical styles while still providing an affordable price point for customers. The soles are now softer due to Starck’s updated rounded and cleaner silhouettes, with the goal being a sandal that is part of the body. His new design, Hoops, utilizes a durable, lightweight and flexible material EVA that allows the shoes to be adaptable to all foot types. They incorporate 100 percent recyclable materials.

“The closer you get to the body, the less you can lie,” he explained in a statement. “You have to go to the minimum, to the square root, in order to reach elegance and timelessness. The Ipanema with Starck collection explores the territory of high elegance paired with the utmost minimalism. When you reach elegance with a few dollars or euros, it is no longer magic; it is a modern miracle.”

Also, for the first time, you’ll find a unisex shoe option that everyone will love, with sizes going all the way up to a men’s 13. Click through Ipanemausa.com  and you’ll see many items retailing for only $30. What are you waiting for? Order the shoes below, schedule a pedicure and fully embrace the spring season.

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