9 Stylish Ugg Snow Boots to Buy Now on Nordstrom.com

It’s no secret how unpredictable the weather can be. You never know when the next snowpocalypse will hit, which means it’s always better to be prepared.

The good news is, snow boots aren’t only good for inclement weather. Whether they are made out of wool or fur, these styles are extremely cozy and you’ll probably want to slip them on to get through any cold-weather days.

On top of that, all footwear made for the snow is waterproof, so they’ll be able to double as rain boots. So even if they’re pricier than your standard pair of shoes, their versatility makes them worth the investment.

Practicality aside, we know what you’re thinking — what about the way they make me look?

Since snow boots have to be so durable, many are bulky and are never on-trend. Lucky for you, Ugg’s all-weather collection features a series of stylish options that will allow you to comfortably get you through your next snow day.

With its adorable bow embellishments, knee-high laceups, popular fur pom-pom add-ons and combat silhouettes, the brand has something for everyone. Just note that the California-based brand is known for delivering more-neutral hues — including their signature light brown suede hue — so it’s a good option when shopping for the next beloved staple in your winter wardrobe.

In this gallery, we rounded up nine of our most favorite boots that are available now on Nordstrom.com. Go ahead and click through, but make sure to have your credit card ready.

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