Lindsay Lohan Rocks Edgy Shark Boots to Open Her New Nightclub in Greece

On Monday night, Lindsay Lohan made it out for a special appearance at the nightclub she opened in Athens, Greece. For the occasion, she rocked a fierce all-black look that showed she was in charge.

The actress wore a black top, leather pants, and a notable red lip, which stood out as much as her matching hair. However, her leather designer shoes were what really proved she was the boss. Lohan’s Givenchy black knee boots featuring a silver shark lock instantly took her outfit to an edgy new level.


The 3.5-inch heeled boots were sleek with smooth leather you didn’t want to mess with. Hopefully no one spilled their drinks on them while she was out and about at the nightclub. It’s a laid-back party shoe that’s chic and made a statement at the same time.

On top of that, the boots made it easy for Lohan to be mobile and roam around her business all night long. They’re a way more practical footwear choice than sky-high pumps. If you’re ever a leading lady for an event or have a lot of running around to do, perhaps you should consider taking a play out of Lohan’s playbook by adding these to your repertoire. They may cost a couple thousand dollars, but she proved they’re more than worth it.

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