5 Handy Tips for Finding the Best-Fitting Knee-High Boots

Besides searching for an ultra-flattering bathing suit, there are few shopping expeditions that can be more frustrating than the quest for a pair of knee-high boots. Since calf widths can vary widely, it can be challenging to find a fall-ready option with that Cinderella fit.

But, all hope is not lost. Below, we’ve rounded up some handy tips — as well as some must-have styles for all leg sizes — to make nabbing your perfect pair a cinch this season.

1. Measure Your Calves

Calf widths can vary greatly. While some women may have slender calves, independent of their build, others have more muscular, fuller calves. Measuring your calf is critical to finding a boot that will not flop around because it is too loose, or instead be so tight your calf spills over the top. While most boots measure 15 inches in diameter, there are lots of wide calf choices today that go from 17 to 21 inches, such as Naturalizer’s Jessie boot that measures 17 inches.

Naturalizer Jessie Wide Calf
Naturalizer Jessie wide calf.
CREDIT: Zappos

2. Consider the Shape of the Boot

Not all boots follow the same lines. While equestrian styles — such as this Frye Melissa Button 2 style — typically have straight calves designed to mold to slender legs, there are styles that follow the natural contours of the leg and are a better choice for fuller legs.

Frye Melissa button 2.
Frye Melissa button 2.
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3. Opt for Boots With Adjustable Features

Since skinny jeans and jeggings look best worn tucked inside a boot, some adjustability is required to accommodate these varying pant silhouettes. Look for elastic goring or elastic strips that run down the back allowing boots to stretch just a bit, like in this Durango Crush style. Also, keep in mind that boots with zippers allow for greater adjustability than those that slip on.

Durango Crush 15" Riding Boot
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4. Remember Calf Size Doesn’t Always Correspond to Foot Width Size

Simply because you have a wide or narrow calf, doesn’t mean the width of your foot follows suit. Look for boots that measure up to both your calf and foot width, like Rockport’s Cobb Hill Ashlyn style available in narrow, medium and wide widths.

Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Cobb Hill Ashlyn
Rockport Cobb Hill Ashlyn.
CREDIT: Zappos

5. Shop Around Online

Finding the perfect fitting shoe can be challenging when shopping online, but when it comes to boots it may be the best option around. Most manufacturers will note the calf dimensions of a boot, making it easy to find a style that will meet your individual needs. Check out the Vince Camuto Bestan style, featuring a 17-inch shaft circumference.

Vince Camuto’s Bestan
Vince Camuto Bestan.
CREDIT: Zappos

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