Feit Teams Up With a Furniture Brand on $2,500 Handmade Hiking Boots

At a time when labels are quickening their manufacturing processes, joining in on the rat race to becoming the next “it” shoe with new releases almost every week (at least that’s how it feels) or simply buying into trends, there’s one label that’s taking a step back and distancing itself from all the mayhem. Tull Price founded Feit with the promise to deliver handcrafted, hand-sewn creations using a single piece of leather for the upper in order to design a “superior shoe,” ensuring a seamless look, comfort and a mold-to-your-foot fit over time (fun fact: It takes 10 days to hand-make one pair of boots from start to finish). There’s no question about it: This kind of quality and attention to detail is a rarity in this day and age.

Even rarer is Feit’s partner choice in its latest design venture. Instead of a celebrity or another footwear brand, Price found a collaborator in BDDW, a small American furniture company that prides itself on creating well-crafted, timeless designs. An unusual choice at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it’s a collaboration united by their shared values.

“We consider Feit to be a ‘neoluxury brand’ focused on quality, not quantity, with a slow, deep process which involves making products by hand from natural materials at an elevated level, while BDDW hand-makes furniture, ceramics, clothing and home goods by a team of artists,” Price told FN. “BDDW is one of the few brands that fit into the neoluxury universe — it was a perfect match. Furthermore, BDDW and FEIT share a very similar audience — our core is New York-based creatives with an appreciation of quality and design.”

Feit x BDDW
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It all started when it was brought to Price’s attention that the entire BDDW team wore Feit footwear. In fact, Price discovered that Hays owns several Feit hiking boots, and the two came together to launch a 60-item limited-edition collection that allowed BDDW’s artists to hand-dye, paint, emboss and tool Feit boots for a unique, one-of-a-kind effect.

“All Feit products are handmade from start to finish, however, they’re very clean, restrained and unadorned in aesthetic. Working with BDDW allowed us to include their spirit in the product, which is more free and decorative,” Price said. “We wanted to reinforce the ethos and skill set of both brands and further display what can be made by hand at an elevated, luxury level.”

A year in the making, they’re finally here: The Feit for BDDW // BDDW for Feit hiking boots each come with a custom wooden box made by BDDW (and individually numbered from 1 to 60). They’re available at feitdirect.com for $2,500.

Feit x BDDW
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