7 Easy Ways to Get Your Boots Ready for Fall

Boot season is officially upon us. To help you prep your favorite pairs for the cold weather, we’ve rounded up our top tips for making them withstand the rain and sleet — as well as look brand-new — since the last time you took them out of hibernation.

Protect them from rain and spills with boot spray. 

The best spray to invest isn’t just one that waterproofs your boots, but also wards off stains, too. This highly rated option from Bickmore works on leather, suede and fabric, allowing water and spills to sit on the surface so you can easily wipe them away before they seep into the material.

Bickmore Gard-More Water & Stain Repellent
Bickmore Gard-More water and stain repellent.
CREDIT: Amazon

Add protective stickers to the sole for more durability.

With all the mileage your boots are bound to rack up, you may want to add a thin protective layer on the sole to extend the life of your favorite pairs. These stickers from Save Your Soles are a great option, as they not only ward off signs of wear but provide added grip on any surface. Simply cut the adhesive to the shape of your sole and apply the sticker for instant coverage.

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Revive faded, scuffed leather with a conditioning cream.

Just like your skin, leather can become cracked and dull in the colder months. A balm will deeply condition and erase scratches to bring your leather back to life. Bonus: this all-natural option from Chamberlain is eco-friendly, safe on skin and even features a subtle coconut scent.

Chamberlain's Leather Milk
Chamberlain’s leather milk.
CREDIT: Amazon

Buff suede with a suede brush and cleaner.

If your suede boots look a little worse for wear after being caught in one too many downpours, a suede eraser and brush are your go-to solutions. Much like a pencil, the suede eraser leaves little dustings behind as it gets rid of shiny spots on the fabric after it has been worn down or faded. The brush is then used to brush off dustings and remove any traces of dirt. To save you money and effort, both of these products are available in this handy all-in-one kit.

Kiwi Suede and Nubuck Care Kit
Kiwi suede and nubuck care kit.
CREDIT: Amazon

Reinsulate Boots with a Warm Fleece Liner.

Perfect to wear with rainboots or thin boot styles, these fleece liners will help keep your feet toasty on especially cool fall days. Wear them full-length or folded over to reveal a stylish knitted design on the interior.

Fleece Cable Knitted Liners
Anzermix fleece cable knitted liners.
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Maintain the shape of your boots with boot trees.

Whether they’ve been packed away in storage or cramped at the back of your closet, boots can become wrinkled and scuffed from bending and being piled on top of one another. When you’re ready to take them out, consider reorganizing them with boot trees. They’ll help maintain the shape of both short and tall boots, while also improving circulation to prevent odors from forming. We recommend this pick, which even features tie-on wood tags so the whole family can personalize their pairs.

CREDIT: Amazon

Use baby powder to eliminate odors and prevent internal damage.

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