How 19 Young Shoe Execs Are Championing Two Ten’s Charitable Mission

The young generation is taking charge.

At a panel last week at FN Platform, members of Two Ten Footwear Foundation’s new Associate Board shared their plans to make a difference. Step One, they said, is to build awareness for Two Ten among junior industry execs and inspire them to participate.

“The goal is, how do we become more inclusive?” said Mark Higgins, senior director of digital business development at Deer Stags Concepts Inc. and chairman of the Associate Board. “Some companies have embraced the organization, but we need to get more people involved.”

The 19 boardmembers are in the process of planning their own fundraising event (separate from the annual gala) and are looking at other ways to foster engagement across age groups and geographic regions. Among the projects they are considering are social media outreach and networking opportunities.

Those who are interested in contributing to the efforts should sign up with Two Ten Connect, a free online information tool, to receive the latest news and updates.

And there are other benefits to signing up, as well. “It allows you to stay connected to the organization, and if you or your employees are ever in trouble, you can find out about programs to help,” said board member Sarah Bloch, executive director of fashion footwear and accessories at The NPD Group Inc.

Higgins added that Two Ten’s charitable mission is more vital than ever. “With all the terrible events that happened last year, you probably were personally affected or knew someone who was affected,” he said. “The amount of need isn’t slowing down, and we’re going to be up against a lot in the coming years.”

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