This Female Shoe Force Opened a Daycare Center for Her Chinese Factory Workers’ Kids

Faryl Robin Morse is focused on being a force for good in the footwear industry.

The entrepreneur is paying it forward — and has financed and opened a daycare location for factory workers in China this summer in a joint effort with one of her manufacturing partners, Dongguan Maynalisa Footwear Co.

The center, available for children of Maynalisa factory employees, houses up to 50 kids and is free. Children come to the facility in House Town, Dongguan City by buses from all over the country. The program also offers reading, tutoring, classes in English and Chinese, as well as two meals per day.

“Women who work on a factory line in Asia typically live far away from their families and see their kids very rarely, and that’s unfathomable,” Morse said. “As a mother, this project is personal to me. I want to do what I can to improve the quality of life for the people my company benefits from.”

Once the first daycare center is up and running, Morse plans to roll out facilities across her entire production base, which numbers more than a dozen factories. “I’m going to demand they do this with me — it’s non-negotiable,” Morse said.

The female leader — who appeared at FN’s Women Who Rock event in June with her close friend Debra Messing — also encouraged other companies to do more to help factory team members in China. “We all need to join together,” she said.

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