Judge Judy Slams an Alleged Sneaker Scammer Who Duped a Woman Out of $9,000

As the luxury streetwear market continues to grow, so does the potential to run into scam artists.

That’s exactly what happened in a recent episode of “Judge Judy,” where the no-nonsense arbitrator used her theatrical approach to settle a dispute involving $8,800 worth of Off-White x Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

After admitting that she had “absolutely no clue” about the sneakers in question, Judith Sheindlin — better known by her TV name, Judge Judy — allowed the plaintiff to take the floor.

Dallas resident Meadow Jones claimed that she bought 14 pairs of the designer kicks from a man she met at Social Status, a Houston store that she would visit on weekends to check out exclusive drops. She made the $8,800 purchase with the intention of reselling the sneakers at a higher price of $1,000 each. However, when she received her package, Jones claimed that it contained only tissue paper and no shoes.

The defendant argued that he bought 16 pairs of sneakers at a store named Fly Kicks and received only $6,500 in return from Jones. (Note: The discrepancy between the number of sneakers he was selling and the number requested by Jones was never addressed.)

Both the plaintiff and the defendant had receipts, but it was Judy’s quick thinking that won over the court. The irrepressible judge questioned the estimated weight of a pair of sneakers, to which Jones replied — with a box of sneakers at hand — four pounds. (The box Jones received from FedEx was labeled 8.4 pounds for all 14 sneakers.) Add that to the defendant’s criminal track record, and it’s no surprise Judy ruled in Jones’ favor.

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