Cindy Crawford Re-Creates an Ad 26 Years Later

Consider this further proof that Cindy Crawford’s supermodel genes boast preternatural powers. Not only is she starring in a Pepsi ad this year — 26 years after her first that aired during the 1992 Super Bowl — she’s spawned equally beautiful children, who have gone on to launch modeling careers of their own.

Cindy Crawford in 1992 Pepsi ad
Cindy Crawford in a 1992 Pepsi ad.
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Coined “This Is the Pepsi,” the ad, which will make its debut during Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, is part of a much larger brand initiative, “Pepsi Generations,” a yearlong campaign meant to celebrate life moments of the past, present and future. And to bridge this multigenerational gap, the brand smartly tapped the inimitable mother-son duo Crawford and Presley Gerber to front the movement.

It’s not the first time a brand has made a Crawford-Gerber family affair out of a campaign. Last year, luxury watch brand Omega named Kaia and Presley Gerber brand ambassadors alongside Crawford. And when Kaia made her New York Fashion Week runway debut at the Calvin Klein spring 2018 show, comparisons were immediately drawn between her walk and Crawford’s nearly 40 years earlier — which ultimately led to a spring ’18 campaign starring Kaia and Presley.

“I’m not sure Kaia loves working with me as much — I’m still her mother,” said Crawford to Harper’s Bazaar about working with Kaia. “She’ll be, like, ‘Mom, I’ve got this.’ It’s good, though, I want her to find her own way. But she does know that I know what I’m talking about — so she does listen to me when it comes to the fashion world.”

Cindy Crawford in 2018 Pepsi commercial
Cindy Crawford in a 2018 Pepsi commercial.
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Crawford knows what she’s talking about. In a brief clip of the 2018 Pepsi ad, Crawford does her thing (shakes out her tousled strands, gives her trademark model stare, drinks from a can of Pepsi) in such a way that it feels like 1992 all over again. New look. Same great Crawford.

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