Why Curvy Model Diana Sirokai Re-Created Gigi Hadid’s Nude Stuart Weitzman Ad

Curve model Diana Sirokai made a major body positivity statement when she re-created a Stuart Weitzman spring ’17 ad starring Gigi Hadid. In the original ad, Hadid poses nude in a pair of Stuart Weitzman’s Clinger booties. In the new image, Sirokai poses nude in shiny black booties.

“I absolutely love high-fashion ads, and I always wondered how different type of women would look on ads like this,” Sirokai said. “We all deserve to feel good, and I think ads like this can be a huge impact on women’s confidence.”

The image, shot by fashion photographer Karizza, received over 23,000 likes on Sirokai’s Instagram — and the model has amassed an impressive following on the platform, with over half a million followers.

Karizza was motivated to do the shoot by 11 years of experience in the fashion industry, both as a photographer and a model.

“As a photographer, I know that even top models are not perfect as most women think. My aim is to help ladies all over the world accept their bodies and make them realize that they are unique,” Karizza said.

This isn’t the first time Karizza and Sirokai have worked together to create a new version of an an image; the duo previously re-created a Kim Kardashian swimsuit picture. While Hadid and Kardashian have different body types, Sirokai says she draws inspiration from both of them.

“We all feel inspired by famous people in different ways. Kim and Gigi are both an inspiration to me. Even though they both look very different, I think they are absolutely stunning,” she said.

As for whether they’ll work together again, both Karizza and Siroki are willing to do another collab in the future.

“I think re-creation is the great way to show to people that beauty doesn’t have size, and bigger girls can look as awesome as skinny models and celebrities,” Karizza said.

Karizza has other projects in the works that will be specifically dedicated to plus-size women, with the aim of empowerment. And Sirokai says she never knows when the inspiration might strike for a shoot — but all of her work has the same aim: “I know for sure that my intentions are always positive to show that we are all worth it,” said Sirokai.

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