This Brand Made Shaq the ‘Largest Backpack Ever’ — and Yes, His Size 22 Shoes Fit

Accessories brand Sprayground dropped a new capsule collection today with NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, and the line includes what the bag-maker has dubbed the “largest backpack ever.”

The limited-edition line includes three styles created in collaboration between Shaq and Sprayground’s creative director and founder, David Ben-David. Both the Anime and 34 Dollar Bill designs, retailing for $75, see Shaq transformed into fantasy characters. Meanwhile, the larger-than-life Shaq Attack backpack draws attention based sheerly on size.

shaq, sprayground, bookbag
Shaq stands next to an assortment of Sprayground book bags, including his collaborative styles.
CREDIT: George Evan Andreadis

Speaking to FN about how the partnership came about, Ben-David explained that the duo met five years ago and have kept in touch since.

“We always wanted to design together, but we never had the time until a year ago when we kept on bumping into each other and had a chance to sit down and create these three crazy concepts for these bags. His personality is so youthful and playful. It made it very easy to collaborate together. He is into music now, and art, and it makes it inspiring to see a man evolving from sports to movies to music,” said the founder.

shaq, sprayground
The Shaq Attack backpack.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Sprayground

The monstrous carrier, which retails for $100 on Sprayground.com, was specially made for the retired basketball player so that it can proportionately fit his 7-foot-1 body. And of course, the brand also confirmed that it’s “huge” enough to hold O’Neal’s size 22 shoes.

For anyone wondering, a size 22 shoe is approximately twice the size of Drake’s head. The rapper chronicled his experience with Reebok’s Shaq Attaq sneakers in March when he called them a “registered weapon” on his Instagram stories.

O’Neal’s dealings in the world of fashion and footwear come often.

In April, he hosted an event with Victoria Beckham in Los Angeles to celebrate the designer’s newly minted Reebok partnership. And his Shaq brand line of competitively priced kids’ shoes continue to make bank at Walmart, according to a Facebook post by the 2016 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer.

“Laugh all you want; the Shaq brand has sold over 120 millions pairs of affordable shoes for kids @Walmart,” he said.

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