These Creepy Shoes Look Just Like Real Human Flesh — & They Cost $10K

Talk about taking nude shoes to a whole new level.

These crazy Fecal Matter shoes — which are taking the internet by storm — look like they’re made of real human flesh.

Called “the skin heel,” the $10,000 shoes are thigh-high boots that blend into the wearer’s legs, making it look as though a person is walking barefoot. Featuring an insane sky-high heel, the shoes create an appearance of a mutated foot straight from a sci-fi movie.

Fecal Matter
Fecal Matter boots modeled by Hannah Rose.
CREDIT: Fecal Matter

The only unrealistic feature of the heel is a clear base at the toe, which is there to ensure that wearers can actually walk in the shoes.

The duo behind the Montreal-based label, Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran, first edited an image to achieve this eerie effect. Then they decided to make a wearable pair of shoes based on the design.

While only boot versions of the wild shoes are available for now, the brand has plans to expand into other footwear — such as pumps — which would come at a lower price point. The $10,000 tag on the boots is due to the customization required. The shoes need to be specially fitted to the wearer’s body.

It’s safe to say that the surreal shoes are reflective of other products offered by Fecal Matter, which also sells chain-adorned chokers and blood-splattered thigh-highs on its Depop.com shop.

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