Check Out These Easy Tips for Keeping Your Ugg Boots Clean

Ugg boots continue to be the go-to footnote for winter. But keeping them pristine can often be a challenge due to cold-weather conditions such as sleet and snow. And don’t forget about the salt scattered over city streets that makes its way onto boots.

Since these shearling boots can be an investment, with price points starting at $130 for styles such as the Neumel chukka, it’s wise to properly care for them.

Many professional dry cleaners offer boot cleaning. For example, New York’s Joseph Cleaners charges roughly $35 to clean a pair of Uggs, depending on the color and height. It’s a cost-effective way to keep boots looking their best, while avoiding replacing them each season. Cleaners not only remove stains but will often deodorize them as well.

To save both time and money, prior to wearing your Ugg boots for the first time, there’s a range of DIY over-the-counter products to help protect them, including sprays that can be applied to help repel precipitation, and stain repellents.

According to Ugg, when boots do get dirty, blot rather than wipe any spills and stains with a clean, damp cloth. It also offers its own line of products that include an cleaner and conditioner for $10 and Shoe Renew that deodorizes insoles for $10.

For those who don’t want to watch every step they take in the foul weather, Ugg offers boots that are pretreated to repel moisture and protect against staining that includes the Classic II for women, a midcalf version retailing for $160 and available in a range of colors. There’s also a companion kid’s styles for those messy winter days.

Ugg Kids Classic II
Ugg Kids Classic II water-repellent style.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

However, by no means are these rainboots. A few drops of water won’t hurt them, but they are not meant for a downpour or snowstorm. And since the pretreatment will wear off over time, the company suggests applying its Water and Stain repellent every few months.

For those who want heavy-duty protection, Ugg offers a series of low-maintenance waterproof styles such as the Classic Short at $200 that can stand up to anything Mother Nature puts forth. They are completely waterproof, so feel free to jump in puddles rather than tiptoe around them.

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