Toms Hopes to Get Kids Climbing With This Charitable Collaboration

Toms has a limited-edition run of shoes in collaboration with So Ill coming soon, and proceeds from the sales will go a charity that builds climbing walls for kids.

The two announced today that a line of outdoor and climbing shoes are available for preorder now via Indiegogo for the next 30 days. The sales benefit the nonprofit organization 1Climb, which puts the walls up at Boys & Girls Clubs of America locations.

“Climbing can be a positive sense of escape and a positive activity that [children] build some identity around. I’m excited to see and meet some of the kids that will climb for the first time. I’m really excited to see in five, 10, 15 years who these kids become,” Toms founder Blake Mycoskie said in a statement.

The collab, according to Toms, boasts the brand’s first technical climbing shoe, as well as a redesign of its Alpargatas shoes with technical outdoor features, both in partnership with the climbing equipment manufacturer. According to Toms, the product is intended to help 1Climb’s mission to “introduce 100,000 children to climbing.”

Toms x So Ill Street Climbing Shoes
Toms x So Ill Alpargatas.

“It’s been great keeping outdoor enthusiasts fashionable and creating products to help people stay healthy and succeed, but I always felt something was missing. 1Climb has given me the opportunity to help the next generation; I’m incredibly thankful to be part of this effort to introduce 100,000+ kids to the greatest sport I know,” Dan Chancellor, founder and CEO of So Ill, said in a statement.

The Toms x So Ill Alpargatas is built with the climbing equipment manufacturer’s sticky Dark Matter rubber, a suede upper, PU insole cushion and suede insoles. And the Toms x So Ill Street Climbing Shoes feature a synthetic upper, a reinforced toe, a padded tongue, large buckle closures and Dark Matter rubber.

Toms x So Ill Alpargatas
Toms x So Ill Street Climbing Shoes.

“Climbing changed by life. As a kid, I wasn’t so good at all the sports that I tried. But when I found climbing, it tapped into something that was primal and natural. Climbing has enable the life of my dreams, and it all started with that one visit to a gym when I was 9,” Kevin Jorgeson, professional climber and 1Climb Founder, said in a statement.

Toms So Ill Street Climbing Shoes
Toms x So Ill Street Climbing Shoes.

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