Fans Are Going Crazy Over Teasers of ‘Game of Thrones’-Themed Adidas Sneakers

HBO’s hit drama “Game of Thrones” bows next year, and along with the conclusion of its eighth season, new iterations of Adidas Ultra Boost sneakers have fans in a frenzy.

The Yeezy Mafia Twitter account, a popular source for leaks and insider information, has released several teasers of reimagined “Game of Thrones”-themed sneakers. The tweets note that the shoes are expected to release in 2019.

The latest previews, released last week on Friday, featured two versions of styles that represent the House Targaryen, one in cream and silver (a nod to silver-haired Targaryens) and “fire and blood,” which nods Targaryen fire-breathing dragons with its black upper and red to yellow gradient lines up the front. Both heel tabs read: “Fire and Blood.”

Some of the other first-looks include White Walkers detailed with an ice blue and white upper featuring speckled blue marks and the three stripes in black. It recalls the antagonists’ piercing blue eyes, white hair and snowy home in the North. “Winter is Here” is on the heel tab, alluding to the season 7 finale in which the White Walkers have breached the wall that has kept them away from the ruling families. Similarly, the Night Watch — guardians of the realm in the North — have shoes on a white midsole with a black upper and white speckles that pay tribute to their all-black clothes. “Night Watch” is emblazoned on the heel tab.

House Lannister, known for golden hair, red cloaks and lion sigils, is seen on a red upper with speckles and gold three stripes on an Ultra Boost sole. The heel tab reads: “Hear me Roar.”

Meanwhile House Stark takes on black and dark gray colorways on a silver Ultra Boost sole. The northern house’s heel tab reads: “Winter is Coming.”

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