These 2019 Shoe Resolutions Will Help You Start the New Year on the Right Foot

The new year is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start writing down all those resolutions. This time around, consider putting some focus on your feet, from health to style considerations.

Here, FN has compiled a list of easy-to-follow shoe resolutions that will help keep you on solid footing throughout 2019.

1. Always buy shoes that fit when you’re trying them on.

You can’t break shoes in; either your shoes fit when you first step into them or they don’t. A few laps around the sales floor or your apartment will determine if they’re comfortable before heading out the door. While some discomfort can be blamed on exposed seams or hard leathers, narrow toes or heel slippage simply means the shoe is not right for your foot type, so buyer beware.

2. Don’t succumb to blockbuster sales.

Don’t be enticed into buying shoes simply because they’re a great deal. It is better to spend more on something you really like and will wear for seasons to come.

3. Get your feet measured.

As online shopping continues to gain momentum, visits to shoe stores become more infrequent. Make sure to visit a shoe store each year to check your shoe size. Like our waistlines, our feet can expand as we get older.

4. Purge your wardrobe.

Regularly check the condition of your shoes. If the heels are worn down or the cushioned insole no longer bounces back when you step inside, it’s likely time to toss your shoes. And be mindful of donating them. If you wouldn’t wear them, it is more than likely no one else should, either.

5. Avoid sandals with no support.

Flip-flops have become the go-to footnote during warmer months. But that doesn’t mean the inexpensive drug store variety is appropriate anytime, anywhere. While these casual versions are ideal for a day at the beach, consider a pair in leather for a more sophisticated look designed with contoured footbeds and arch support for enhanced comfort.

6. Remember to rotate your footwear.

Avoid stinky shoes by rotating your footwear every few days. Warm environments can promote bacteria growth and cause foot issues, so allow your shoes to breath in between wearings. There are also a wide range of foot powders on the market that help kill odor-producing bacteria, while others help reduce sweating.

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