This Easy Online Shoe Sizing Guide Will Help You Find the Right Fit

What size shoe do you wear? Sounds like an easy question. But what many people don’t realize is as they age, their shoe size changes.

For an answer to that trick question, BlitzResults.com, a data science and education company, has developed an online tool to help you determine your accurate shoe size and width.

According to the company, many people have been wearing the same size shoe for a long time, regardless of changes in foot morphology. Due to the addition of fatty tissue, it noted, the feet can become larger and wider. Conversely, after weight loss or due to the muscle and tissue wasting caused by aging, feet can become thinner.

Adults are not the only ones who need to be mindful of their foot size. The company conducted a survey and found that 65 percent of kids are wearing shoes that are too small. “Because they sense of touch isn’t fully developed in children yet, they tend to squeeze their feet into shoes that are much too small; they don’t even notice it,” said Tim Lilling, head of research. “Therefore, parents must measure their children’s feet every two months.”

The site offers information on how to measure foot length, a sizing guide and a calculator to convert to the correct size. BlitzResults’ shoe measurement guide reviews the sizes available, with a focus on styles available in the U.S., U.K. and European Union.

The company does emphasize to consumers that there are no strict or universal standards when it comes to shoe sizing of manufactured shoes, so it is up to the wearer to determine a shoe’s fit and ultimate comfort.

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