Lindsay Lohan Threatens to Fire Beach Resort Staff Over Mismatched Shoes

Lindsay Lohan is facing a barrage of online criticism from fans after dishing out a “Mean Girls”-style shaming of two staff members at her newly opened Lohan Beach House in Rhodes, Greece.

In an Instagram photo posted to the Lohan Beach House Rhodes account on Saturday, a pair of the resort’s waitresses happily showed off their unconventional new work uniforms: silky cream robes with ultra-short hemlines and long trailing sleeves. But their new boss quickly zeroed in one detail that wasn’t quite up to her exacting standards: their shoes.


One of the waitresses was wearing a pair of white patent leather platform sandals that, according to another video posted on the resort’s Instagram feed, appear to be Lohan Beach House’s regulation footwear. The other waitress, however, opted for nude block-heel sandals instead. “Wear the same shoes please — or you’re fired,” Lohan curtly snapped back when she saw the photo.

At first, fans thought the 32-year-old actress — who also operates a second Beach House venue in Mykonos, Greece — was joking, but she insisted with a follow-up comment that she was “totally serious.” Since then, fans have flooded the comments section with criticisms of Lohan’s handling of the incident, suggesting she acted unprofessionally and should have discussed the uniform policy privately with her staff rather than admonishing them publicly. Others even took aim at the star for her choice of staff footwear, deeming the white platform heels “ugly” and “tacky.”

But perhaps the drama is well timed: Lohan’s adventures as a VIP resort mogul are set to be chronicled in a new MTV series that reportedly begins shooting next month. Reality TV pioneer Bunim-Murray Productions (“Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” “Real World” and “Project Runway”) is said to be behind the project.

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