Vans Is Suing Target Over Alleged Trademark Infringement

Vans has taken issue with a pair of sneakers retail giant Target is selling.

According to a lawsuit filed in California on Thursday, Vans is alleging that Target’s Camella Lace-Up Sneaker infringes on trademarks for its Old Skool silhouette, which the VF Corp.-backed company said “is likely to cause confusion in the marketplace.”

In the lawsuit, Vans stated Target consumers have referred to the shoes as “fake Vans” on the retailer’s website. (Target.com user El Ramierez wrote a 5-star review, stating “I love my fake Vans! I read some reviews that said to go a 1/2 a size down but for me that wasn’t a good fit. Getting my size was well, perfect!”)

Target Camella Lace-Up Sneaker
Target’s Camella Lace-Up Sneaker.
CREDIT: Target

According to court documents, Vans stated Target is not only benefiting from the popularity of the Old Skool, but it is also using its reputation to boost the retailer’s Wild Fable line of products. (The Camella Lace-Up Sneaker is part of the collection.)

The lawsuit states Vans is requesting Target stop selling, marketing and promoting the allegedly trademark infringing sneakers; to have the shoes and corresponding promotional materials destroyed; and for the retailer to pay for damages and attorney fees.

The Vans Old Skool boasts a suede and canvas upper, the label’s Sidestripe branding and its signature waffle outsole. The sneakers retail for $60.

Target’s Camella Lace-Up Sneaker is executed with a polyester and polyurethane upper, and comes with a $15 price tag.

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