8 L.L. Bean Customers Who Are Freaking Out About Its New Return Policy

L.L. Bean announced the end of its lifetime return policy today, a result of an uptick in abusive consumers taking advantage of the policy by returning products as the end of their life cycle.

While the majority of customers blamed a few dishonest folks — or said the new change in policy made logical sense for L.L. Bean to remain profitable — some netizens took it as an opportunity to brag about how they gamed the system on the Maine-based outdoor retailer.

Here are eight reactions on Twitter from those who want to reap the rewards of L.L. Bean’s generous return policy.

LL Bean Boots Returned
Shoes seen in the return bin at the L.L. Bean flagship store in Maine.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

1. This grandfather who schemed L.L. Bean by returning goods purchased at garage sales

2. This person who wants to return 5-year-old Bean boots

3. This student who replaced school bags for free

4. This person who returned a 15-year-old backpack

5. This man who returned a 20-year-old coat

6. This person who wanted to return a 3-year-old ripped messenger bag

7. This person who wants to exchange a product whenever they get sick of the color

8. And this adult who wanted to return their childhood rainboots

While L.L. Bean’s lifetime return policy is coming to an end, the brand still allows customers one year to return items. And the label will work on a case by case basis to determine whether to replace older items — but it’s continuing its commitment to customer service.

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