These Police Dogs Walking in Boots Will Be the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

First-timers in high heels are affectionately described as walking like baby giraffes — unsteady and precariously wobbling. But what about dogs in shoes? Apparently, they trot like horses.

In videos uploaded by officers who attended the Dogs on the Dock event, held on July 21, K-9s from their departments are seen taking first-steps in dog booties on hot concrete. Officer Jason Frey of the Clinton Connecticut Police Department said he walked his partner dog, Sonny, in Ruffwear shoes to protect Sonny’s paws from the surface. The results are hilarious.

“Yesterday at the Dogs on Deck demo we were parked in an area which was mostly pavement,” he captioned a video. “I was concerned the pavement would be too hot for his pads so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out our Ruff Wear dog booties.. it was comical experience to say the least,” he said, adding that Easton Police Department’s dog “took to it much better than Sonny did.”

Meanwhile, Easton P.D.’s pooch TJ made an attempt in the shoes, but he was more graceful on his feet.

According to the brand, the booties allow for dogs to have “full, unrestricted range of movement.” They feature a non-marking outsole that provides traction and flexibility, and a weather-resistant upper that keeps out moisture and debris. The shoes are designed to help protect dog paws from abrasive surfaces and chemicals on icy streets or hot pavements. They’re available on Amazon.com for $49.95.

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