Thieves Attack Teen for $2,000 Air Jordan Sneakers and Try to Sell Them Minutes Later

The old refrain is true — crime doesn’t pay.

That’s what three crooks learned after attempting to sell a pair of Air Jordan sneakers 20 minutes after beating a 17-year-old and speeding off with his shoes on Saturday in Queens, New York, according to authorities, who released video footage of the suspects on Wednesday.

The recording shows the thieves trying to palm off the kicks at consignment retailer .IMAGE — the first sneaker resale store in Queens, according to its website. The shop offers an “85/15-consignment rate,” but the parties didn’t reach an agreement, police said, adding that the pair is worth nearly $2,000.

During the attack over the weekend, the teen was walking alone in the afternoon when a white sedan pulled over and the three offenders jumped out the car, then beat and restrained the victim and removed the shoes off his feet before they zipped away, according to officials.

The victim was taken to the hospital where he was treated for cuts to his arms and knees.

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