Social Media Criticizes Melania Trump’s Colonial-Era Hat

Melania Trump’s sparking conversation on social media with her latest fashion choice.

On Thursday, the first lady sported a white pith helmet — a hat considered by many to be a symbol of European-era colonization — as she went on safari in Kenya as part of her solo tour in Africa.

Social media users dug into Trump’s fashion choice.

“Ooh, I’m in Africa – let’s play colonial dress-up! C R I N G E,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Do you even read up on history of countries before you go there? I guess you thought it was the height of fashion to wear a pith helmet! How ignorant are you to the feelings of the people of Kenya” another Twitter user commented. “Pith helmet represents colonisation you dumb ignoramus! Show some sensitivity!”

“Are you completely insane ? Wearing a white pith helmet in the ex-British colonial areas of Africa,” wrote someone else on Twitter. “Are you trying to suggest you will be the next country to rape and pillage their lands ? How ruddy insensitive can you be ? Get someone to help with your world history.”

Still, some felt that the hat was a choice made due to the blistering heat and felt it was an appropriate pick for the occasion.

“It’s called a pith helmet. And it’s very good at keeping your head cool. Sheesh!” someone wrote on Twitter.


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