Americans Are Willing to Spend More Money for Shoes Than Clothing, Says Study

When it comes to shoes, it seems Americans are willing to splurge a bit, according to a new study conducted by Slickdeals.

The crowdsourced shopping platform polled 2,000 people to find out which products they’d rather spend more on and which they’re OK skimping on, and the results are rather surprising. Americans believe it pays to shell out more for coffee, mobile devices, pet food, everyday essentials such as toilet paper and toothpaste, and yes, shoes.

When it comes to clothing, however, consumers prefer to pinch their pennies. Nearly 68 percent of survey respondents said they would save on items such as jeans, dresses and fast-fashion pieces, as well as accessories including handbags, jewelry and sunglasses. They are more likely to open up their budget for better-quality items that are valued for their durability and long lifespan, Slickdeals found.

“This survey indicates that perceived value can greatly influence our shopping habits,” noted CEO Josh Meyers. “For example, coffee, toothpaste and skincare products deserve a premium, according to our survey, while other product categories seem to be viewed more as commodities where corners can be cut without an impact on value.”

Still, there are limits to how much shoppers are willing to pony up. When asked for the price points at which they deemed something “too expensive,” the respondents revealed that $58 for a nice pair of shoes would make them no longer worth buying.

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