What’s My Exact Shoe Size? Follow These Easy Tips for Spot-On Measurement

Did you have an extra piece of cake for dessert? If so, forget about it. Today’s wave of Lycra-infused denim can more easily accommodate those extra pounds.

Footwear, however, can be less forgiving. So before setting out to buy your next pair of shoes, it might be time to have your foot measured.

Checking foot size shouldn’t be restricted to children whose feet can grow month to month. Like our waistlines, our foot size can change with age, the result of such factors as weight gain, pregnancy, medical conditions including diabetes and arthritis, as well as the loss of elasticity in tendons and ligaments over time that can result in a lower arch and elongation of the sole.

Prior to your next purchase, stop in at your local shoe store to have your foot measured by a professional. While there are a range of online size charts you can use for measuring your own foot, they don’t compare to the precision of a trained specialist. Finding the proper size is key to foot health — and to avoiding shoes that can cause problems such as painful calluses, bunions and blisters.

Once you know your size, it’s important to remember that not every shoe in the same size and width will fit exactly alike, so ordering online can be tricky. However, if you need a narrow or wide width or extended size, a larger selection may exist from e-tailers. By ordering from an online retailer with free shipping and returns, you do have the flexibility to find an ideal fit through trial and error, at no additional cost.

Wearing shoes that fit properly will also encourage you to walk more, which can lead to better health, particularly when it comes to your heart. And with the warmer weather on the way, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and take a long walk.

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