This ‘Queer Eye’ Fashion Expert Shares His Styling Tips for Men

Need some help getting dressed for work, weekend or a wedding? Just tune in to the Netflix series “Queer Eye” and let fashion expert Tan France guide you on your fashion journey.

The show, a relaunch of the original series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” which aired more than a decade ago, makes its way to Atlanta this time in search of both men and women who can use some some style assistance.

Here, France gives shares tips for styling men, his biggest shoe splurge and go-to cities for trend watching.

MY PERSONAL STYLE: “It’s not very often I dress super-formal in a full suit. If I wear one, it’s with a sweater or T-shirt, and less formal shoes. The only time I go super-formal is for an occasion. Fashion and footwear [styles] depend on where you live. I’m in Salt Lake City, not the kind of place where you dress up. “


MY TOP SHOE BRANDS: “My favorite streetwear brand is Filling Pieces from Scandinavia. For more formal wear, I love Cole-Haan, Dolce & Gabbana and Kirk Geiger.”

MOST EXPENSIVE PAIR OF SHOES I OWN: “Alexander McQueen thick-soled white sneakers at $900 from Neiman Marcus. It’s too much for a pair, but they’re my favorite.”

HOW I STYLE SHOW GUESTS: “When men don’t care [about fashion], it makes my job easier. They want to look better and are open to suggestions, and hopefully they’ll make a change. I don’t buy a trend if it doesn’t look good on me, and I don’t want other people to do it, either.”

THREE MUST-HAVE SHOES FOR MEN: “A pair of simple sneakers, like a Chuck Taylor, preferably in white since they go with everything and travel well. An ankle boot is a good transition shoe — dress it up and it’s formal, or dress it down with a pair of jeans. Finally, black or brown shoes that can be worn for an occasion, since sometimes you may need a suit for a funeral, wedding or party. I love a double-strap monk strap from Poste at $150.”

FAVORITE RED CARPET LOOK: “I want to be dignified in a tux. It’s something that will look classic over many years so I can look back and [feel] I looked appropriate.”

GO-TO STORE FOR SHOE SHOPPING: “Department stores like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom. They have so many brands under one roof, you know you’ll get a good selection.”

MY FASHION INSPIRATION: “London style’s incredible. It does set a lot of trends we see come to America. I also think places like Shanghai and Seoul are some of the most fashion-forward.”

CELEBRITY STYLE I ADMIRE: “Harry Styles and Justin Timberlake both have incredible red carpet looks. While I don’t love Elton John’s style, I love how eccentric he is. Some of the pieces he wears on stage are insane. There’s also Zayn Malik from One Direction. His style is incredible. Older men like George Clooney have that beautiful classic style down. And there’s also Brad Pitt.”

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