Expert Tips for Men to Get Their Feet Looking and Feeling Good For Summer

Shedding those unwanted pounds men may have added during the winter may not be their only health concern. It might also be a time for them to take stock of their feet after being cooped up in boots. And what they see may not be pretty.

Nail fungus, skin fungus and ingrown toenails are just a few of the conditions that may have developed. But that doesn’t mean guys have to hide their feet in a pair of closed-up shoes. A visit to a podiatrist can help alleviate these issues and get feet sandal-ready for the warm months ahead.

New York podiatrist Krista Archer offers some medical and cosmetic tips for guys to get their feet in shape:

If experiencing any foot pain or nail discoloration, it’s time to see a podiatrist. Some discolorations, she explained, are caused by dermatophyte, a fungal organism that responds to medical treatment. “One bug affects skin and nails,” she said. If skin is peeling and applying cream doesn’t seem to help, it’s likely a fungus and not simply dry skin.

Fungal conditions are easy to pick up at gyms, pools and even pedicure salons, according to Archer. “It jumps into your sneakers and lives there because the dermatophyte loves warm, moist, dark environments,” she said.

Once the condition clears up, Archer suggests men treat themselves to a medical pedicure, a service she offers in her office by a nail technician she’s trained. All equipment is sterilized onsite, and instead of using a jet tubs where bacteria can live in the pipes, she opts for a basin with a clean liner. “It can take months to cure a nail fungus, effort and money, so why go back to a nail salon and get it again?” she said, suggesting patients get a pedicure once a month.

Don’t stop there. Did you know you can sterilize your shoes with a UV Total Recovery shoe sanitizer, available online. By simply inserting the shoe-shaped device inside your footwear, it can help kill fungus, spores, bacteria and odors in just 15 minutes.

Now that your feet have been treated, you can show them off in a pair of sandals. However, Archer warns, when walking around a city like New York, it’s best to wear a closed-toe shoe to avoid any unsanitary conditions on the streets.

For men who are considering indulging in some foot pampering, Archer offers her own line of footcare products. “I’m so excited if men commit to just one product, an oil or a scrub,” she said.

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