Twitter Roasts Gucci’s $870 ‘Dirty’ Sneakers in the Best Way

Gucci’s cruise ’19 collection features a pair of pre-distressed sneakers that are driving the internet wild.

The vintage sportswear-inspired kicks are “treated for an allover distressed effect.” The pre-dirtied sneakers retail for $870.

After images of the footwear began to circulate across the internet, Twitter users poked fun at the luxe kicks.

“When ur born rich a f but don’t wanna be a called a snobby daddy’s boy at school,” one Twitter user commented.

“Gucci is really out here selling the sneakers your mom uses for gardening and Sunday cleaning for $800” @cxmillexxxx tweeted.

“The poor try to look rich and the rich try to look poor,” another user quipped, alongside a laughing-crying emoji.

“I’m a bit late to the party on this one but this makes me both laugh and roll my eyes,” @andrewyoung0811 commented.

This isn’t the first time the internet’s gone crazy over a pair of pricey dirty-looking sneakers.

Golden Goose took some heat in September for its own scuffed-up sneakers, which are inspired by West Coast skate culture and retail for over $500 a pair. Critics felt the worn-in sneakers were “glorifying poverty,” as many people cannot afford to replace beat-up shoes or cannot afford footwear at all.

While a slew of internet users took to mocking Gucci’s footwear, the style also attracted positive attention from some.

One user shared an image of the shoes with a heart-eyes emoji, writing that they were “in love” with the style.

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