These Comfy, Classic Shoes for Men Won’t Be Available for Long

Fashion-comfort brand Ecco is making its product just a bit more exclusive. Today, the Denmark-based company launched Vitrus International Agenda, a collection of limited-edition men’s styles that features a different series of looks each day through Sept. 30 and targeting seven cities around the world.

The series kicks off in Tokyo, then makes its way to Shanghai, London, Moscow, New York, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. In all, 500 pairs will be available, each done in a color specific to a city. Only one retailer per market will carry the shoes, with only 80 pairs available in the U.S. in Nordstrom Men’s store, set to debut on Sept. 28.

The shoes have been designed to footnote a suit to a pair of high-end jeans and include a penny moc, ankle boot and oxfords. They combine British artisanal traditions with Danish technologies, with leathers developed in Ecco’s own tanneries. Leathers include the Ecco Kromatafor, which changes color when exposed to hot and cold temperatures.

All shoes feature full leather welts and incorporate the brand’s Fluidform Direct Comfort technology, which offers cushioning and rebound by using specialized liquid materials that solidify into the anatomical profile to encourage more natural motion.

To identify the shoes as part of the Vitrus offering, inside each shoe has a stamp identifying the day of the week when the edition is to be launched and its name. “Rising Sun” drops in Tokyo, while “Ivy Weekend” will be sold in New York.

Each pair comes with a sandalwood shoe tree to prolong the life of the shoe, and companion shoe bag.

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