What Shoes You Need to Keep Feet Safe This Summer

Summertime calls for a wide range of outdoor activities from a day at the waterpark to a seafaring voyage. While many of us come prepared with ample protection from the sun, it’s time to consider protecting our feet from unexpected conditions we can encounter under foot.

1. Beach Bound

Spending a day at the beach? As the temperatures climb, so does the heat of the sand. While flip-flops might be the obvious choice for beach wear, they allow sand to hit the soles of the foot.

Consider a closed-up shoe in a lightweight fabric or a molded style from brands such as Crocs and Native that will keep sand out.

Now that you’ve made it safely to the shore, there are other issues to contend with such as rocky ocean floors. It often takes some fancy footwork to avoid sharp shell fragments and rocks. And, It’s especially important to keep children’s feet well-protected sand to surf.

Consider a pair of aqua socks.

2. Parks and Recreation

If you’re headed to a water park, don’t forget a pair of water-friendly sandals that will protect feet from issues such as athlete’s foot that can be spread person to person or by walking on contaminated floors. With the large numbers of park visitors each summer, you can be a high risk.

3. Ship Shape

Protecting one from slips and falls on the high seas due to wet boat surfaces is essential. Make sure along with life vests, all crew members are wearing performance boating shoes that feature siped bottoms that allow water to channel through. And, these Americana styles do double duty off-shore for a preppy look.

4. Trail Blazers

Out for a hike? Don’t think a pair of sneakers will keep you sure-footed. Even when on a casual walk in the park you can encounter fallen branches, rocks and slippery terrain. Here, opt for a pair of light hikers that offer features such as outsoles with a lug pattern for enhanced gripping, cushioned footbeds for comfort and mesh uppers for added breathability. Don’t forget to wear socks to avoid friction inside the boot that can easily cause blisters.

5. Cycle Up

Biking is another activity growing in popularity, as hourly and daily bike rentals are cropping up in cities around the country. Although you don’t need a pair of technical performance bike shoes for a casual ride, you do need closed-up shoes with non-slip soles so feet stay securely in place on the pedals.

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