Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 7 Empty Showroom Stunt Leaves Questions About the Future of His Apparel

As buyers descended on a Paris warehouse for a preview of Yeezy Season 7, they found a sparse offering, as first reported by Yeezy Mafia, void of accessories or apparel.

The showroom contained only shoes — boots and heels, specifically — leaving folks wondering if the clothes and accessory collection was behind schedule, missing from the season altogether or coming at us in a different avenue.


At this point, as with anything Kanye West produces, speculation reigns supreme in terms of timing or reasoning, but as Yeezy Mafia points out, the West collection was minimal because West wasn’t able to “do what he wanted to achieve with this collection.” That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, either now or later. Or maybe it won’t happen at all.

Earlier in the fashion season, those in the know were told no Season 7 show would occur in Paris. Then Kim Kardashian started wearing unreleased Yeezy apparel, and speculation mounted that the new season would take a page from Season 6 and find alternate routes to not only publicize the collection — photographers do flock to Kim, after all — but potentially also change things up and sell the line in a fresh way, such as a direct-to-consumer model or with preorder bundling from Yeezy Supply.

After all the speculation, when the surprise Paris Season 7 show did happen, it created more questions than answers about the next installment of the future of Yeezy. Of course, maybe that was the plan all along — just keep us guessing, keep us waiting and then spring something entirely new on us when we least expect it.

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