Girl Who Called Out Stephen Curry for Not Making Shoes for Girls Appears on ‘CBS This Morning’

Riley Morrison called out NBA star Stephen Curry for only making his Under Armour sneakers for boys. And now the 9-year-old California girl is being recognized as a voice of change.

Speaking with “CBS This Morning” today, the young hoops fan spoke about the letter she penned to Curry and his shoes not being listed in the girls’ section.

“I was thinking this isn’t fair,” the 9-year-old told the show about Curry’s shoes not being available in the girls’ section. Later she said, “Boys aren’t the only ones that wants them. Everybody wants them.”

After the letter made its rounds on Instagram and Twitter, Curry responded with a handwritten letter of his own promising to correct the issue. He also said a pair of Curry 5s were on their way to her.

And today, if you look at the Under Armour website, girls can now pick up the Curry 5 without shopping in boys’ sizes.

“I’m just super-happy that they’ve made the change and now it’s on there, and I’m really proud of her for making a difference,” Riley’s father, Chris, said on “CBS This Morning.”

On UA.com, the Curry 5 is now available in grade school and preschool sizing in several colorways for $110 and $80, respectively. They’re also on the brand’s UA Icon customizing platform for $140.

In another interview with NBC Sports, the young baller’s mother, Megan Lopez, applauded her daughter’s efforts.

“She’s written a letter, she’s used her words, her voice, which we as parents have really taught her to use her voice to make a change. And she is, and we couldn’t be more proud of her,” Lopez said in the interview.

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