Skechers’ 10th Anniversary Pier to Pier Friendship Walk Surpasses $2 Million Fundraising Goal

Michael Greenberg, the president of Skechers, and the Skechers Foundation have a reason to celebrate — Skechers’ 10th annual Pier to Pier Friendship Walk, which supports the Friendship Foundation (an organization that assists children with special needs), broke new fundraising records this Sunday, surpassing $2 million in contributions, totaling over $11 million since the walk’s launch.

FN caught up with longtime Skechers supporter Brooke Burke at the Manhattan Beach Pier, where she opened up about the walk and how it’s impacted her children. “There’s nothing like this in Los Angeles,” she shared. “It’s about giving back, showing up and making a difference. This community has taken it into their own hands, powered by Skechers, to raise game-changing money. It’s huge. Nobody does this.”

skechers pier to pier friendship walk, sugar ray leonard, brooke burke, michael greenberg, denise austin
(L-R): Sugar Ray Leonard, Brooke Burke, Michael Greenberg and Denise Austin pose at Skechers’ 10th Pier to Pier Friendship Walk.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Skechers

The 47-year-old actress, who was joined by Sugar Ray Leonard and Denise Austin, added, “It’s incredible to watch family members — young and old, grandparents, children — rally together — I’ve never seen anything like it.”

When asked about how bringing her children to the walk over the years has influenced them, she revealed, “I think they come out here and understand what happens when you have a little idea. Michael Greenberg had an idea 10 years ago, and now, today, there’s 14,000 people, and it keeps growing. It’s an accomplishment, and it feels good. That’s what I’m trying to teach my children. Give until it feels good.”

brooke burke, sugar ray leonard, pier to pier frienship walk, skechers
Brooke Burke and Sugar Ray Leonard pose with a group of cheerleaders.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Skechers.

“This event has affected thousands of our kids in profound ways,” Greenberg said. “The children attending have grown up seeing the great impact a community can have, whether it’s their parents walking for their education or how they can personally support kids with special needs through more than 33 Friendship Foundation school clubs in the South Bay. At a time when bullying continues to be a concern, we’ve raised a generation who is more sensitive to the needs of those who are different from them, thanks in part to this event and the Friendship Foundation. And I can’t wait to start our next decade of encouraging positive change in our community through this walk.”

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