Selena Gomez Takes FN Behind the Scenes of Her Puma ‘Strong Girl’ Line at German HQ

Selena Gomez wants everyone to be a strong girl.

The pop star, who is the newest face of Puma, made a bold statement on stage today at the athletic giant’s corporate headquarters in Germany — and FN got an exclusive look at her forthcoming footwear and apparel collaboration, which hits later this fall.

“I want [our line] to be something that my girls would wear or I would wear,” she told a roomful of company executives.

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez
CREDIT: Dirk Bruniecki

Gomez also clarified the meaning of the “SG” branding that will be seen on upcoming footwear, apparel, and accessories styles from AW18.  Although those are her initials, the letters aren’t meant to represent her name. “This season It stands for Strong Girl.” SG will evolve to have other meanings in future seasons.

Prior to Gomez’s discussion with Puma CEO Björn Gulden, the social media queen gave a sneak peek of the collections and enjoyed laughs with someone outside of her camp: famed actress Salma Hayek, who is married to François-Henri Pinault, chairman and CEO of Kering, Puma’s parent. (FN was exclusively on scene to witness the interaction.)

“We live in London, we came just to see you,” Hayek told Gomez prior to her walk-through of the footwear and apparel.

“We’re not even doing any work, now we’re just looking at clothes,” Gomez said jokingly to the Puma design team while browsing clothing with Hayek.

Setting a more serious tone, Gomez said she stands behind any product that she helped produce.

“I won’t attach my name to a lot of things. For me, it has to be something I actually stand behind,” Gomez said at 360, Puma’s internal meeting held in Germany. “And in the past five years, what streetwear has become is what I’m wearing right now.”

Gomez was referring to the head-to-toe black outfit she wore during her intimate talk with Gulden.

The singer also dished on what it’s like working with the Puma team.

“I really enjoyed what I got to do here. It was so creative, it felt very flexible, I felt like I could say anything, ask any stupid question,” Gomez explained.

She continued, “I love the team. It’s always like a party. I like to make everybody enjoy coming to work — we’ll play music, laugh, I’ll do jumping jacks because I didn’t work out before a shoot.”

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