How Reebok’s Speed TR Shoes Hold Up During a Harley Pasternak Workout

Training with fitness expert Harley Pasternak isn’t easy. Thankfully, Reebok supplied shoes for a media workout in New York City that made the experience slightly more manageable.

Pasternak and Reebok led a training session at Rise By We last week in NYC to celebrate a new partnership between the two, as well as to let editors and journalists wear-test the new Speed TR shoe.

The workout was separated by three stations: cardio, legs, and upper body and ass (yes, this is how Pasternak broke down this particular station).

The cardio station consisted of a row machine, an assault bike (the worst thing ever) and a VersaClimber (a favorite machine of NBA star LeBron James). At the legs station, Pasternak had us doing walking lunges, step-ups, skater lunges and box jump laps (basically you sit, you jump and repeat until you quickly approach death). And at the upper body and ass area, we did tricep extensions with a hip thrust (which is exhausting when done three minutes straight).

Reebok Speed TR Harley Pasternak
Harley Pasternak demonstrating walking lunges in the Reebok Speed TR.
CREDIT: Reebok

After competing each station four times, the shoe’s best trait became clear: its versatility. The Speed TR isn’t a shoe built for one type of workout; you can do anything in the gym in it. If you’re looking to buy a Reebok sneaker that can do it all, the Speed TR may be for you. The cushioning is plush enough to provide a soft landing but is also firm and enables strong underfoot stability when needed. (And although we didn’t do heavy weightlifting, its forefoot-to-heel stack height — a 3-millimeter drop — makes it ideal for heavy lifts.)

Also worth noting is the grip of the outsole, which Reebok designed specifically to have great traction on multiple surfaces. Regardless of what Pasternak had us doing, whether my feet were on the pedals of the assault bike or the turf to do lunges, I was not slipping.

Reebok Speed TR Harley Pasternak
Step ups in the Reebok Speed TR.
CREDIT: Reebok

What I particularly liked about the shoe is it felt like you could beat it up. If you’re constantly in the gym, there are few things more frustrating than having to replace your sneakers sooner than expected because of wear and tear. But the Speed TR’s Cordura upper, although flexible, felt like it could take some abuse.

The Reebok Speed TR is out now via reebok.com in men’s and women’s sizing and retails for $100.

Reebok Speed TR Harley Pasternak
Media members on the VersaClimber (L) and assault bike in the Reebok Speed TR.
CREDIT: Reebok

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