This Retailer Offers a Way to Get a Personalized Running Shoe Fit

Athletic footwear retailer Fleet Feet is hoping to inspire the inner runner in everyone with the launch of two new proprietary programs to personalize the customer experience.

The Fit Engine and User Profiles programs work in conjunction with fit id 3-D foot scanning, a technology it launched in 2017. Fit id outputs measurements that store associates can use to better personalize solutions for customers based on their specific needs.

Using the data collected from fit id, Fit Engine reflects the commonly selected shoe size and width based on the purchase decisions of other customers with similar foot shapes and measurements. The purchase decisions display on a bell curve, so the store associate can showcase and display the full range of outcomes from most to least common for customers based on their foot size and shape.

According to Fleet Feet, it now plans to take customization to the next level by working with vendor partners to offer 3-D-printed products such as insoles and footwear. It is also preparing for customized product lines based on fit id data and feedback from the company’s franchisees and customers. For example, the Ikoni, launching exclusively at Fleet Feet in September from the Finnish running brand Karhu, features a shoe last informed by the foot measurements of over 100,000 customers scanned with fit id.

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