How Nina Dobrev and Reebok Plan to Empower Women Through Dance

Sweating it out after a full day at the office is worth it when the workout was co-created and led by actress Nina Dobrev. Given that the workout simultaneously benefitted a good cause, it was all the more reason to join in on the New York event last night, where Dobrev exclusively previewed her BODYJAM™ exercise developed in partnership with Reebok and Les Mills.

The dance-centric “Donate in Sweat” session centered around Reebok’s latest campaign, which focuses on empowering women and inspiring positive change through fitness. For every person in attendance, the brand pledged $100 to various female-focused charities — the night’s proceeds totaling a whopping $15,000 to be split between the Women’s Strength Coalition and the Movemeant Foundation. Beginning the evening with a panel, the “Degrassi” alum touched on her personal message “confidence has no competition,” and growing as a woman, before jamming right alongside participants to a series of non-stop shimmying and two-steps.

nina dobrev, reebok, les mills, new york
Nina Dobrev hosts the “Donate in Sweat” event with Reebok.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

Ahead of the event, FN had the opportunity to sit down with the “Vampire Diaries” star to learn more about her connection with dance and the significance of female empowerment in her life.

Footwear News: Why are you partnering with Reebok in this capacity, in terms of donating to different female-focused charities?

Nina Dobrev: “Reebok has been at the forefront of equality. A lot of brands have been making it a priority now and jumping on the wagon, which is great and they should, but somewhere [back] in the ’80s [Reebok] was focusing on both [men and women]. It wasn’t just men and I love that. I love that they’ve been pioneers in that capacity for a long time so I’m proud to be a part of a company that makes that a priority. And I feel like there needs to be more female forces and figures that are visible for girls to look up to in a positive light and this campaign is so important for that reason. All the slogans are incredibly inspiring and important and the women behind them – between Gigi [Hadid] and Gal [Gadot] and all these women — I look up to them. Whether I do or I don’t they are in the media and people see them so I love that they are lending their voices toward positive charities and causes.”

nina dobrev, reebok, les mills, new york
Nina Dobrev dances to her Les Mills BODYJAM workout with Reebok.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

Why is dance so important in your personal life?

“I like to do anything that doesn’t feel like a workout, so to the best of my ability if I get the results of a workout without feeling like I’m working out it’s a win-win situation all around. So dancing is something I do for fun with my friends when we go to a bar, to a wedding — it’s just something in our lives. I feel like everyone when they’re moving, they’re happy.”

Why did you decide to make dance the focus of the Les Mills routine with Reebok?

“When Reebok asked me what I wanted to do for a custom workout, [dance] was the first thing that felt organic to me and that anybody could do. The great thing about this one is A — it’s free, B — you can do it at home with your friends, or at a dance studio, in a field, at a park — as long as you have a screen you can do it anywhere and you don’t need weights, machines or equipment. You get a good sweat and it’s for all levels, beginning, intermediate and advanced. We really made it a priority to break down every single move and do it over and over again so that people feel comfortable and it doesn’t dissway people from wanting to try it.”

What is your least favorite way to work out?

“Squats and burpees.”

nina dobrev, reebok, les mills, new york
(Front row, L-R): Lissa Bankston, Nina Dobrev, Nikki Schultz and guests at the Donate in Sweat event with Reebok.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Reebok

Shifting to pop culture, what was it like being in the Drake “I’m Upset” video with the “Degrassi” cast?

“It was a lot of fun to get everybody back together. It’d been a very long time since we’d seen each other. All of our lives changed so much. It was like a real-life reunion.”

When you’re not working out, how would you describe your typical style?

“I’m a classics girl. I wear those [Reebok] classics a lot — the white ones. It depends on the day and what I’m doing but for comfort and for life, for the most part [it’s sneakers].”

Everyone can take part in the BODYJAM™ workout beginning on Oct. 1 when it officially rolls out nationwide.

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