Nike Releasing Easter Sneakers 2 Months Too Late

Today Nike released a pack of Easter-themed sneakers. No, that’s not a typo. And no, you don’t need to check your calendar, because it is indeed almost the end of May. Almost two full months after the holiday, the Air Force 1 Low and Blazer Royal with an Easter theme just hit the market today.

Both sneakers were previewed online before the holiday on April 1 and were instantly accepted by sneakerheads as Nike’s Easter collection for 2018. For further proof of the original intention for the pastel patchwork Air Force 1 and Blazer, they each feature the cracked Easter egg and Swoosh logo utilized on the brand’s Easter-themed sneakers from previous years.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Spring Patchwork
Nike Air Force 1 Low “Spring Patchwork”
Nike Blazer Royal Spring Patchwork Easter
Nike Blazer Royal “Spring Patchwork”

In other words, Nike hasn’t really fooled anyone by marketing the shoes now as the “Spring Patchwork” pack, citing that their inspiration is simply the spring season. With Memorial Day coming up on Monday, which many feel is the unofficial start to summer, it almost even seems too late for the brand to release a spring-themed sneaker set.

So what gives? Why are these Easter sneakers just now releasing? The most likely explanation is that there was some kind of production setback for one or both of the shoes. Another possibility is a shipping delay somewhere in the process of getting them from the factory to retailers.

Whatever the case, both models do have an impressive, eye-catching and unique look, featuring a premium construction in a patchwork-style blend of suede, leather and canvas. The old cliche “better late than never” certainly applies to Nike’s “Spring Patchwork” Air Force 1 Low and Blazer.

Whether you still want to rock a pair this summer or save them until next spring, you can find both models now directly from Nike and at select retailers.

Nike Air Force 1 Easter Spring Patchwork

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