LeBron James Goes Nuts After Watching Son Trying to Dunk

Being one of the greatest basketball players of all time, LeBron James would presumably be pretty hard to impress on the basketball court. But it’s a different story when it involves his own family. Going viral over the weekend was a clip of James jumping out of his seat after his 13-year-old son, LeBron James Jr., attempted an in-game slam dunk.

Also known as Bronny, LeBron Jr. is becoming a basketball star in his own right. At age 13, he is already projected to be an NBA Draft pick. Of course, his famous father helps guarantee his place in the spotlight, but the hype is real. The future star showed off his athleticism on Sunday when he almost threw down his first in-game dunk. His father, sitting in the stands, had a priceless reaction.

The attempt came during an AAU game in Miami at the Ballin’ on the Beach tournament. James Jr.’s team, the North Coast Blue Chips, were already up big late in the game, which probably accounts for his choice of trying to throw it down. Nobody seemed to mind when the eighth-grader missed the dunk — especially not his dad.

Looking equally shocked and proud of his son, James must know that one of Bronny’s dunks is indeed going to go in successfully sooner than later in a game. The only real question for all basketball fans is whether The King will stick around the league long enough to play alongside his successor.

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