Is A$AP Rocky Crediting the Wrong Osiris Designer for Inspiring His Under Armour Sneaker?

A$AP Rocky shouted out Dave Mayhew, a former pro skater, in a GQ article last week as the designer of the Osiris D3 skate shoe, the inspiration behind the rapper’s sneaker with Under Armour. But Osiris claims Rocky is giving credit to the wrong person.

Over the weekend, Osiris posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, “We all know who dropped it first,” with a photo of the Under Armour sneaker next to the classic D3. And in the comments, Osiris engaged with followers and stated Rocky is mistakenly stating Mayhew as its designer. Instead, the brand said credit should be given to Brian Reid.

In July, Reid spoke with streetwear standout The Hundreds for its blog about the D3, and discussed  the skater and his design claims.

“Dave [Mayhew] has his side of the story, and I have mine,” Reid told The Hundreds. “I still get upset because I’ve been designing shoes for 23 years, and all of a sudden, he says he designed that shoe. We went shopping, found some shoes, chopped them up, and I put it together, and that makes him a designer?”

Also, The Hundreds hyperlinked a video to a 2001 wear test of the shoe that discussed its “bagel” tongue. In the same post, the streetwear brand’s blog shared an image of the bulky tongue with “A Shoe Designed by Brian Reid” printed on the inside.

Osiris D3
Osiris D3
CREDIT: Zappos

In the GQ story, Mayhew gives his story of how the D3 and Rocky’s AWGE x Under Armour SRLo came to fruition.

“Initially, I worked on the shoe decades ago,” Mayhew told GQ. “I was just living my life and out of nowhere got contacted by Under [Armour]. They wanted me to get together with Rocky and just kinda discuss the whole thing. At first, I was a little hesitant, just because [the D3 is] kind of a gift and a curse for me.”

Mayhew continued, “The initial [D3] design came from me touring around and being in tons of skate shops. And when you would look at a wall of the sneakers and stuff, there just wasn’t something that stood out. That’s how this whole design came about. I wanted something that stood out off the wall.”

A$AP Rocky’s AWGE x Under Armour SRLo sneaker, dropped Friday at a skate-inspired activation and rave in Harlem, New York, was limited to 500 pairs and retailed for $250.

AWGE x Under Armour SRLo
AWGE x Under Armour SRLo
CREDIT: Under Armour

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