Angry Neighbor Reportedly Throws Man’s $400 Running Shoes Into a Pond

An unidentified Cleveland woman was cited for disorderly conduct after allegedly tossing a neighbor’s expensive running shoes into a body of water and showing little signs of remorse.

It reportedly happened in the city’s Broadview Heights area in December, when a man awoke to find someone banging on his door. When he came to investigate, he found a note complaining about loud music. The note also mentioned that a pair of the man’s running shoes — said to be valued at over $400, although a specific make and model were not divulged — had been thrown into a nearby pond.

According to a report by Advance Ohio’s Cleveland.com, the man believed early on that his neighbor may have been behind the angry note. When police spoke with her, she told an officer she was mad about the man’s music. Furthermore, she allegedly showed little regret for damaging the pricey pair of shoes, telling police she chose to take matters into her own hands because she didn’t think they would take the noise complaints seriously.

The report goes on to state that the officer on the scene managed to retrieve one of the shoes from the pond. Sadly, the other is still missing.

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