This Secret Weapon Gives You Foot Comfort With the Turn of a Key

Are a pair of custom orthotics too pricey for your budget? SelectFlex, a new line of affordable adjustable insoles, offers personalized support at under $56.

According to the company, SelectFlex uses proprietary technology to dynamically mimic the ligaments in the foot, working like another set of spring ligaments under the arch to provide additional support on demand.

Built into each pair is a simple heel-key adjustment port, which enables the user to shift arch height and thereby control comfort, alleviate pain, and enhance performance.

SelectFlex insoles
SelectFlex Dynamic Support insoles
CREDIT: SelectFlex

Three levels of arch support — medium, firm and X-firm — adapt to changing stresses on striding and standing, regardless of body type or weight. In addition, the insoles feature a heel cup that provides enhanced stability for proper alignment. For enhanced comfort, the insoles are made of a polyurethane flexible foam with antimicrobial top cover. The insoles are available in men’s and women’s sizes.

The brand’s parent company, Alliance Design and Development Group, partnered  with Orthotic Holdings, a medical device company to develop iFlex, the technology behind the SelectFlex insoles. According to ADDG, it is designed to provide adjustability, which translates dynamic support to joint structures and to their biomechanical functions. This, in turn, relieves pain and promotes comfort.

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